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Sweet Home Chicago Marathon

Re-post from last year about this time…..

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Some things are just made for each other. Peanut butter and jelly. Front doors and welcome mats. Nights and moonlight. Long strolls along the river with a loved one. Chicago and the marathon.

I probably biased on this subject. I have only run 7 marathons and 6 of them were Chicago Marathons, but like all great fits, we tend to stick with what works for us. Those jeans that have been broken in just right are hard to get rid of.

If you have run the same marathon more than once, you know what I am talking about. Large city marathons have their challenges and knowing what to expect from traffic to the expo, to the aid stations, to finding your friends/support team after the race, all factor in on the overall enjoyment of the event.

I have discussed some of the tricks of the Chicago Marathon in past blog entries…

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Bix 7 Results 2014

What is the hook for this article? I am not sure I have one. Bix 2014 was pretty cool weather wise as in not too hot. Just north of an ideal temperature to run 7 miles over killer hills. If my body was treating me like it was last year, I probably would have had decent time. My body had other ideas this year.
My training has been extreme, as in, all over the place. Good days out numbered the bad, however the bad were some of the worst I have had in my running career. A nagging hamstring issue has been given me fits over the last month. I wasn’t sure last week if Bix was even in the cards as the hamstring was tied up in knots to the point where the stationary bike replaced running for several days.
2 miles into the race, the hamstring did pull its trick and knotted up on me. If it had been a training run I probably would have stopped and walked him, however I decided to fight through the pain and hope it would go away or at least diminish. As luck would have it, it did go away. Near mile 3 another problem cropped up in my right calf. No amount of hope was making this one go away and I would spend the next 4 miles just dealing with it.
My pace wasn’t near my best and I know it wouldn’t be going in, however this new pain was slowing me to a crawl. I did manage not to walk at all, but I probably paid the price continuing to run. After the race I felt like I completed a full marathon instead of just 7 miles.
As a runner, I may not always make the right choices, but I am not ready to quit. Age may be changing me, but I want to be a runner for the long haul. I am sure I am not alone in that notion. Considering there were 18,000 plus fighting those hills as well, it’s not a lonely notion at all.

Bix 7 2014

After missing last year’s Bix 7 due to reasons other than physical injury, you could say I have been waiting 2 years to return and run my favorite race. 10 years in a row was a good run and I am looking forward to another 10 as I approach 50 years of age (T minus 2 and counting).
Last year physically was a pleasure. I ran the entire year without pain in my knees yet didn’t run a single road race. This year started off with hamstring and knees issues putting me on the shelf for all of February.
It seems like I have to warm up longer and pay more attention to the little things than the younger me who could fly out the door and run for 2 hours without much thought of stretching or proper hydration.
This being Bix Eve Eve (2 nights prior) I look to hit the sack early and get those z’s that will more than likely elude me tomorrow night as Bix Eve’s tend to do.
So excited to be back, but I am concerned about a goofy hamstring and I strongly hope I have no issues on the hills of Davenport, IA Saturday morn. For the love of running and for the love of Bix.
Plus I looking forward to seeing Meb since he ran past me as I watched him win the Boston Marathon 2014. It will be cool to see him long before I get to the half way point as he hopefully has a large lead. Best part of an out and back course is seeing the elites running toward you. Participant and fan all in one.

Boston Marathon Results: Boston Stronger

The first Boston Marathon after the bombings last year was a pleasure to watch. Feeling compelled to make my marathon spectating debut, my father, my son and I made the trek to Boston and were greeted by friendly, helpful people, who did everything possible to show the world that Boston is not only strong, but one big family.
From the desk clerks at the hotel, to many MBTA commuters, to several marathon spectators, to the Boston Police, everyone we met was in a great mood and nice beyond expectations.
The spirit of the marathon is about overcoming great challenges to accomplish something truly special. The City of Boston helped prove that when we dedicate ourselves to being nice to each other great things can happen.

Central Park Then Boston

I am finding it difficult to sleep with a bucket list type run just a few hours away. Central Park in NYC has to be up there. If my walk down 7th Ave some 50 plus blocks tells me anything is the people will be the scenery on this run. I was wondering if everyone in NYC is an actor or if people just seem more interesting here. They do seem in pretty good shape. I suppose walking those long city blocks everyday would help keep the people of this city in shape.

More of a report on the actual run itself later,

Also looking forward to taking in a run for the first time as a spectator. It is kind of a big deal maybe you have heard of it? Last name Marathon, first name Boston. The prospect of the chance to view the race I have dreamed of running and have qualified for twice is pretty darn awesome. I am sure there will be mixed emotions with the joy of being there filled with the wonderment of what could have been. Hey, it is what it is. I planned this trip to show my deep respects to a marathon and a city that took a sharp blow last year and more than recovered to get an even bigger event (if that’s possible) out there this year.

I probably should get some sleep before these 2 runner’s high events, but I am not sure that will happen, More words later,


Snow Rush

It’s been a couple years for this offering, however when I walked out the door this morning and the cold hit my face, it made me feel like this one was appropriate to re-blog.

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Pushing through the obstacles the weather brings can be frustrating to the runner. Pushing through the negative thoughts can be difficult, but rewarding. When it is snowing outside, one may start running through the list of excuses that may prevent the weak from taking that first step out the door. Some are legitimate reasons like getting hit by bad drivers on slippery roads. Some are mildly inconvenient like the layers of clothes and the time that it takes to suit up and strip down. Something like getting dressed shouldn’t be seen as a major hurdle.

Focus on the rewarding feeling one gets from the workout. I am in my fifth month of lifting weights and 2nd decade of serious marathon training, each workout may have varying levels of satisfaction, but the common denominator is satisfaction.

The challenge may be different each day, season to season, yet the challenge will be rewarded with the…

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NYC Marathon Report

Congrats to a couple friends and a brother on completing the New York City Marathon. Ivy smoked the field (of friends) with a 2:50. My brother Mickey finished in 3:16, just short of a BQT for his age group. DJ had a 3:59, but he writes his own blog, so he can comment further, lol.

I bow to the masters. Great job guys.

Run 4 What? The Hard

In less than 3 years this old runner will turn 50. Does the name of the blog need to change names then? Run 450 plus doesn’t quite cut it for me. Some have never caught on that the name of the blog was intended to indicate that the primary audience is the 40 plus runner, but then again it wasn’t supposed to be so obvious that it scared off younger runners. Oh well, a lot of things shouldn’t be so obvious that just anyone can do it. Like Tom Hanks character in A League of Their Own speaking of the sport of baseball, “The hard is what makes it great.”

Running marathons whether you are a 40 or 30 or 20 year-old are not easy endeavors. It’s almost impossible to complete one without feeling it during and long afterward. Whether you are slow or very fast, the distance will take its toll and you will know you have done something great by completing one.

This blog as long as it continues to be thrown out there by this old runner, will always be dedicated to being dedicated to running far. Slower than ever, yet still about the hard as always.

Dealing with Time Off

Telling a runner not to run is like telling a dog not to bark, just about sums it up.

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One of the more humorous and accurate lines about runners is “Telling a runner not to run is like telling a dog not to bark.” I came across that line online while researching running related injuries. We runners know taking time off from running is like a prison sentence. My brother finally convinced me to take time off due to a calf injury. I don’t like it. I told this to a runner friend, who said to me, “So you will listen to someone.”

As much as we may not want to believe it, time off may just do us good. The overuse injuries may not crop up as much if we give ourselves the chance to heal fully. I doubt that most of us have a fully stocked training facility with a full-time training staff  in our homes to take care of us when things go a rye (bread sandwich).

Though we don’t want…

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Not Sexy

Reblog from a couple years back.

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With every passing year, things tend to go south. This is not a novel idea per se, yet understanding how aging has affected you over the years can make a big difference when it comes to your current training goals. The 2 main areas of concern for me are overall speed and nutrition.

I feel like I am working as hard as ever, yet when I punch in the numbers I just can’t hit the pace miles of yesteryear.

I used to be able to eat everything, but McDonald’s and not gain weight. Now if I even dream about the plate size Reuben sandwich I got after the 2004 Chicago Marathon I gain 3 pounds.

For me to battle the speed issue, I am using a completely new (to me) marathon training program for my 2011 marathons compared to past training plans. The plan emphasizes pace, pace and more pace at endurance distances, so we will see…

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