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Bix 7 2012

Last year at this time I had run a marathon, 1/2 marathon, 5k, 8k, 10k and 10 mile race. My seventh race of 2011 would be the 7 mile Bix 7 race in Davenport, IA. 2012 has been raceless so far, but one thing for sure is the Bix 7. Over the last 9 years there has only been one appointment race in my book and that is the Bix 7.

Challenging hills, over 10,000 runners and a great after run party make for good times for those who can handle it. If you haven’t already, give it a shot. The Bix 7 will not disappoint.


Sturgis Falls 1/2 Marathon

Run 440 plus will be at the Sturgis Falls Half Marathon in Cedar Falls, IA this Sunday June 26th. I will signing autographs and taking pictures with my fans after the race. Right, if I had fans that is.

Seriously, I am looking forward to a training run on a race day. 16 miles with 13.1 being part of the race and the rest being warmup and cool down. My hamstring has been tight lately, so my race goals are not very high. It will be a race day decision whether to push for a faster start corral qualifying time for Chicago or just taking it easy and finishing the race.

 Oh well, such is the life of a 40 plus runner. Dealing with the limp of the week.

It’s been Cookin’ for a while Now I can almost Smell Marathon Morning

Just 8 days left before the morning air hits me like the fresh smells from a neighborhood bakery. The excitement, the chills, the atmosphere. There really isn’t anything like marathon morning. From the documentary film The Spirit of the Marathon when the older runner steps outside and says, “This is good.” There is a feeling that only runners experience on a day like that. If you haven’t been there, it is like trying to explain the experience of fatherhood to a 24-year-old bachelor, it just doesn’t translate until you get there yourself.

If you are in your running infancy, you want to work to get this point where the feeling of marathon morning can take you over and transcend you. You will know what I am talking about someday. You’re welcome.

6:50 6:42 6:46 6:54 Splits

With the struggles of being an over 40 endurance runner comes the realization that you may never regain the speed of yesterdecade. I know my top speed was so 20 years ago. That being said I was encouraged by my speed workout tonight. The winter was long and frustrating. Today changed all that. The mile splits listed in the title turned months of dubious results into feelings of hope for a successful marathon.

With a goal marathon pace of a modest 7:20 per mile, the speed workout reveals the can do nature of the goal itself. If the game day magic comes through and 7:20 feels easy in the first half then I will notch it up for a second half negative split. I have learned from too many slower second halves to get too aggressive in the first half and then not have enough guts left to finish strong.

Lessons are learned hard in the marathon. Prepare, plan and hope. Be under control in the front for a better finish.

2011 Team LIVESTRONG Run – General Donation

Shoes Still Smoking

Home from an 8 mile run and my shoes are still smoking on the rack by the door. Two bags of frozen corn, one on each knee smooth the soreness away. We as distance runners know what it takes to consistent preparation and proper recovery to insure a suitable result on marathon day.

Tick, tick, tick, (lame attempt at clock impression) only 21 days to Fargo. Tomorrow is my last long run before the taper begins. Ready for the excitement of race day. 15 weeks down. New Boston Marathon registration rules have Fargo as my only opportunity to qualify for 2012. Chicago can be used for 2013. Thoughts just race through my head. Just want to have a healthy strong performance, yet visions of greatness come and go.

The chant I have for those rough patches in the marathon is ready. “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” I had used the phrase, “Don’t give up on the dream.” during marathons passed. I thought the use of “don’t” and “give up” my for a more negative thought and the new phrase would be more up lifting.

Fast forward to Fargo 5 minutes after the finish. Hugs from Jill and Maddux. I did it, Boston here we come.

See the result and feel the feeling. Prepare to make it reality.

2011 Team LIVESTRONG Run – General Donation

One Hundred

100 miles over two weeks

100 days of running 8 miles or more

100 plus dollars to enter a marathon

100 meters not on the training schedule

100 words or more per post

100 ways to prepare a turkey (ok I don’t know where that came from)

100 mile ultra marathon (not in this life)

100th post for run440plus

It has been a fun ride so far and I am looking forward to the next 100 plus blogs. One marathon is just around the corner in Fargo on May 21st. Chicago in the Fall. I hope everyone has found some encouraging words and will continue their training. 100 over and out.

Thank you Jim and Margie for your contribution to the Livestrong Foundation for Cancer Survivor Programs.

2011 Team LIVESTRONG Run – General Donation

Marathon Motivations

As exciting it is to start a marathon, what we all want is to finish. It is going to hurt, you will need to mentally overcome and need to fight to the finish. Why do we put ourselves through this pain? Personal satisfaction, glory or fame? What the movie The Spirit of the Marathon has to say about why we run marathons is that once you have finished a marathon you believe you can do anything.

No matter where your life takes you, hope can be found in many different ways. Choosing to make improvements in your life starts with discovering goals and setting out to accomplish them. Be willing to fight for your goals and you will see the improvements. Hope for a better tomorrow starts with hope. Hope will lead to vision and vision will lead to the work at foot. Get working and anything is possible. Finishing one marathon might just be the start.

2011 Team LIVESTRONG Run – General Donation

Tiger Hawk

As some of you may know, the logo on the helmets for the Iowa Hawkeye Football team is known as a Tiger Hawk. Designed when Hayden Fry became the head coach back in 1979. So as Charlie Sheen can claim to have Tiger Blood running through his veins (plus other unnamed substances) I can have Tiger Hawk Blood running through mine. Now I am not delusional with my passions, yet I am passionate about my fandom. Now Mr. Run440plus what does this have to do with running. Well let me tell you a story my friend.

My first 4 Chicago Marathons were run in blue running shorts and an orange shirt in honor of my favorite Pro Football team the Denver Broncos. Now since this is in Chicago, there were no Broncos logos on this outfit. So what I got from the crowd was a lot of “Go Illini!” for the University of Illinois. Now this was just not going to do. I did notice quite a few Tiger Hawks in black and gold on many of the spectators along the route. “Hey!”, I said to myself, “There sure are a lot of Hawk Fans in Chicago.”

So it may have taken me 4 tries to learn my lesson, but I decided that I would follow my fandom and don the old black and gold for my next marathon and all my races since.

The key is to be yourself and garner the support you desire when running big events. To hear the cheers from people just like you is an awesome feeling when running a race. This is especially true then the race is 26.2 miles and you need all the support you can get. A push can come from within, yet the push that you get from a total stranger’s words of encouragement can be as uplifting or more so. So when someone yells, “Go Hawks!” at my next marathon, I will take it as if it came from my best friend.

Take the support and run with it.

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