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Bix 7 2012

Last year at this time I had run a marathon, 1/2 marathon, 5k, 8k, 10k and 10 mile race. My seventh race of 2011 would be the 7 mile Bix 7 race in Davenport, IA. 2012 has been raceless so far, but one thing for sure is the Bix 7. Over the last 9 years there has only been one appointment race in my book and that is the Bix 7.

Challenging hills, over 10,000 runners and a great after run party make for good times for those who can handle it. If you haven’t already, give it a shot. The Bix 7 will not disappoint.


NYC Marathon LOTTO

For the first time I have attempted to get into the New York City Marathon. I was afraid to go through the LOTTO process and get rejected and waste mentally energy on a maybe when I could register for Chicago and know I got in right away and have that marathon on the schedule for the fall.

I registered for the LOTTO the other night and now the waiting game begins as I won’t know until the end of April whether or not I will be running in NYC in November or my Autumn will be marathon-less. I guess I have come to the point in my life where a new marathon is more important than a repeat venture in the same old same old. Fingers are crossed.

NYC Marathon LOTTO

Marathon Motivations

As exciting it is to start a marathon, what we all want is to finish. It is going to hurt, you will need to mentally overcome and need to fight to the finish. Why do we put ourselves through this pain? Personal satisfaction, glory or fame? What the movie The Spirit of the Marathon has to say about why we run marathons is that once you have finished a marathon you believe you can do anything.

No matter where your life takes you, hope can be found in many different ways. Choosing to make improvements in your life starts with discovering goals and setting out to accomplish them. Be willing to fight for your goals and you will see the improvements. Hope for a better tomorrow starts with hope. Hope will lead to vision and vision will lead to the work at foot. Get working and anything is possible. Finishing one marathon might just be the start.

2011 Team LIVESTRONG Run – General Donation

What Would Dan Patrick Do?

Being a life long sports fan and participant, I have taken in heavy dose of sports radio over the years. Recently I have become a follower of  The Dan Patrick Show on a semi-daily basis. One of Mr. Patrick’s favorite phrases is “Digital Beer Muscles” when referring to how brave people become when stationed on a laptop and not engaged in face to face discussion.

What is refreshing about the running community is that for the most part runners, though competitive by nature, are not combative when it comes to blogging and commenting on blogs. Motivation is not war. The world has enough conflict.

Running and sharing ideas is all about harmony and building a better world, one individual at a time. I have taken chances at reaching a more broad audience because runners are runners, but it is those who have not begun to run are the ones I want to reach the most.

What I hear quite frequently when I say I ran 4 or 8 or 12 miles in a day is “I can’t run that far.” Well most people can’t go out and run farther than a mile the first time out. Some can’t run more than a few yards the first time. But if the contestants on the NBC show “The Biggest Loser” can run a full Marathon after a few months of training, then most people can run if they put their  mind to it.

If today you run 100 yards then tomorrow run 110 and the next day 120. It may seem like you will never get up to substantial mileage, but it will come. Be patience and don’t let a little pain get in the way of building a foundation. Tomorrow you can begin to build the house. If you have been sitting on the couch for 10 years, starting slow is a good idea.

Just starting is a good idea. Staying with it is even better.

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