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Since You Probably Won’t Read This Away….

For 40 plus years I have searched for the perfect workout to both satisfy my fitness goals and keep me entertained at the same time. Well, I finally found it…..Homeless Person Hurdles. Yeah, it’s in really poor taste and illegal in some countries, but heck why not give hope to the hopeless by bounding over a few on your morning run. Better yet carry loose change in our pockets and some might fall out mid-flight. Can you say BONUS!

This was a really poor attempt at humor, but nobody has been reading this blog lately, so I doubt I hurt too many feelings especially since the homeless probably don’t have working laptops with an active internet connections. But if you are homeless and read this blog after stumbling into a library, I am sorry.

If you actually read this far, I will say that a very high percentage of the contents of this blog are intended for the promotion of good healthy activities. Please take a look at the other 158 blog entries and I am sure if you give it a chance, you will find benefit from most of them. Peace. No humans nor any animals were harmed in the making of this blog.


Move or Bust (Bust a Move)

As this blog has been geared for the plus 40 crowd of runners, we can see or feel that some days are more difficult to get moving than others. My daughters got me motivated to get out for a long run on Sunday,  followed by my youngest son wanting to go for a walk and then my wife wanting to play tennis in the afternoon. All of which had their hurdles for this oldish man.

To my surprise my body was able to handle all of the activity in a relatively short period of time. Can’t say I will be doing a triple like that again anytime soon, but the point is that one won’t know what one is capable of until one gets out and does it.

The next day was a bit a chore to get moving again, but I was able to get for a 4 mile lunch hour run, so I must not be too bad off.

Keep plugging, keep running.

6:50 6:42 6:46 6:54 Splits

With the struggles of being an over 40 endurance runner comes the realization that you may never regain the speed of yesterdecade. I know my top speed was so 20 years ago. That being said I was encouraged by my speed workout tonight. The winter was long and frustrating. Today changed all that. The mile splits listed in the title turned months of dubious results into feelings of hope for a successful marathon.

With a goal marathon pace of a modest 7:20 per mile, the speed workout reveals the can do nature of the goal itself. If the game day magic comes through and 7:20 feels easy in the first half then I will notch it up for a second half negative split. I have learned from too many slower second halves to get too aggressive in the first half and then not have enough guts left to finish strong.

Lessons are learned hard in the marathon. Prepare, plan and hope. Be under control in the front for a better finish.

2011 Team LIVESTRONG Run – General Donation

Marathon Pace

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Naked Truth

You can run, but you can’t hide  from… yourself. Your body talks to you in many ways. Whether it be minor pains to cramping to outward appearance, your body will tell you the things you need to know.

The mirror can motivate you to make changes. Your heart can say slow down or speed up. Your calves can say go for it or take a break.

If you listen, you will find the answers you need to be the person you need to be. This may seem like an oversimplified message, which is the point. Sometimes if you go bare bones and don’t get overcomplicated with the processes, then the needed life changes will appear right in front of you.

So strip and learn the naked truth.

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