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School of Run

If Jack Black was born to play Dewey Finn (Ned) in School of Rock, I was born to run and write about it tongue in shoe, er, cheek. Being able to run is a gift and sharing that gift with others is an even bigger gift. Running is like a hilly road as it has many peaks and valleys. Setting big goals are important as goals will help keep you on the road when maybe you just don’t feel like it on a rainy day.

Sometimes those goals are met and sometimes you may could up short like I did at the Fargo Marathon. I took sometime to cry in my oatmeal, a couple of days, and then I got back to training for the Chicago Marathon. With a 18 week training program set for Chicago, I only had one week to get myself back together and get back on the horse. Mentally I feel refreshed and as determined as ever to qualify for Boston.

That is just how it works, give it your best and if your best was less than expected, get back to work, make some adjustments and  be better the next time around.


Running Stroller Follies

It was warm enough to get the running stroller out for the first time of 2011. My wife Jill needed a break and Maddux was looking for a ride (just run with it). I wasn’t sure if on the day after a my first 15 mile training run of my 18 week marathon training program that I would be up for pushing an extra 22 lbs over the hills of good old MV, but I gave it a go.

Maddux, right off the bat, was having a great time. He was giggling and saying “weeeee”. He didn’t complain a bit the entire time we were out. I on the other hand I was suffering on some of those hills. I must have had an imbalance of some sort as I felt much weaker than normal with a little bit of light headedness. I eventually got over that and was able to enjoy my time with my son. He really makes everything more special. To hear him enjoy himself on our trip really warms my heart.

Can’t wait to get out there again with him soon.

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