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NYC Marathon Report

Congrats to a couple friends and a brother on completing the New York City Marathon. Ivy smoked the field (of friends) with a 2:50. My brother Mickey finished in 3:16, just short of a BQT for his age group. DJ had a 3:59, but he writes his own blog, so he can comment further, lol.

I bow to the masters. Great job guys.


Since You Probably Won’t Read This Away….

For 40 plus years I have searched for the perfect workout to both satisfy my fitness goals and keep me entertained at the same time. Well, I finally found it…..Homeless Person Hurdles. Yeah, it’s in really poor taste and illegal in some countries, but heck why not give hope to the hopeless by bounding over a few on your morning run. Better yet carry loose change in our pockets and some might fall out mid-flight. Can you say BONUS!

This was a really poor attempt at humor, but nobody has been reading this blog lately, so I doubt I hurt too many feelings especially since the homeless probably don’t have working laptops with an active internet connections. But if you are homeless and read this blog after stumbling into a library, I am sorry.

If you actually read this far, I will say that a very high percentage of the contents of this blog are intended for the promotion of good healthy activities. Please take a look at the other 158 blog entries and I am sure if you give it a chance, you will find benefit from most of them. Peace. No humans nor any animals were harmed in the making of this blog.

Waiting, Hardest Part

To borrow from my junior high era musical icon, Tom Petty, the waiting truly is the hardest part about the NYC Marathon Lottery. From January to late April is long time to find out whether November will bring NY City streets or just hometown sleet.

Well all good things are worth the wait, right? Marathon training is all about preparation and one can’t rush the training for an event that will take 3 or more hours to complete. Skip a step in training and pay the price on race day.

If I am lucky enough to make the cut, there will be plenty of time for a full marathon training schedule. I can be patience for a few more weeks.

I will have to correct my earlier statement, the hardest part is running a marathon with less than ample preparation. The waiting is just part of the grand scheme of it all.

NYC Marathon LOTTO

For the first time I have attempted to get into the New York City Marathon. I was afraid to go through the LOTTO process and get rejected and waste mentally energy on a maybe when I could register for Chicago and know I got in right away and have that marathon on the schedule for the fall.

I registered for the LOTTO the other night and now the waiting game begins as I won’t know until the end of April whether or not I will be running in NYC in November or my Autumn will be marathon-less. I guess I have come to the point in my life where a new marathon is more important than a repeat venture in the same old same old. Fingers are crossed.

NYC Marathon LOTTO

Marathon X 4 for 2012?

Well I doubled the number of marathons I have run in one year this year going from 1 to 2, now I am considering running 4 in 2012.

Fargo, Grandma’s, Chicago and New York. More to come later.

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