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Father’s Day seems to be a logical restart to the blog that has been a big part of my life and my family.  As the last entry noted I joined a band and the added hobby took too much time away from running consistantly to have time to write about it as well. My bad.

As with any activity of merit there is always the give and take of work, family, life and death, The death part becomes more of a concern over 40 as parents, aunts and uncles are just of that age where time is running out. Throw in the unexpected diagnosis or accident and it is a mine field to make it a year or 2 without having the death of a significant person throw off one’s own healthful concerns. It may be self to write about it in these terms, but remember without your health then you become someone else’s unexpected family death.

Running is one of those hobbies that should not be taken for granted. Finding that balance to make it a priority is important to both yourself and your family. Think about the stress that is released on that run and then think about that since that stress is now gone it is not turned on your family since it is gone, gone, gone…. Gone enough? Ok.

I run during the week during my lunch hour and just one weekend long run, so time away from my family is limited.  There is time out there,  just need to find it.


Habit of Bad Habits

To say I like to over do things I like to do would be an understatement. A lot of the good and even more of the bad. If I didn’t run I would probably weigh 300 pounds. Running makes me not want to do the bad things, but I still over eat from time to time and a day off from running makes me hungry or bored or both.

We all have different reasons to run. I love it and it loves me. At least that’s what it has been telling me lately. From the books I have read and the hills I have climbed, it has all come together to make it the most life affirming choice of this life.

The book Born to Run by Christopher McDougall notes that the ability to love and running do have a connection. Looking back on my life, I was not capable of love before I started running. Not sure if the connection runs that deep, but I am willing to run with it. Oh golly!

I didn’t care much for myself, before I starting running. I couldn’t maintain a relationship before I started running. I was only successful at escaping from my problems before I ran with them and worked them out.

Run far and find….yourself.

Chicago Running Shoes

With Bix behind me, my focus is on to the Chicago Marathon and a pretty big decision to make. Nike Free Run or Mizuno Alchemy?

 I have built up my training this summer to all, but my long runs in the Frees. Since I bought my second pair of the Frees I have done all of my races in them. The longest race distance has been 7 miles with a training run long of 10. I am unsure if I can make the change from the Alchemys to the Frees for the full marathon distance. I will take a test at a 1/2 marathon in Sept. and see how that goes before making my final choice.

I must say I want to make the switch permanent as I feel more, er, well, er, free when I run in the Frees. I realize that is a no dah statement, however the connection to the ground is important when running. The big support shoes block that feeling and encourage improper form.

The switch is a slow process. 10 years of long distance running in the motion control shoes has created an addiction and atrophy effect on my calves. The calves have been the biggest roadblock in the transition. They like to tell me quick when I try to do too much too fast.

This summer I have been listening to my body and I have been relatively injury free (there’s that word again). The less in more approach to running shoes seems to be helping me in the long run, so maybe it is time to take the long run to the Frees.

Sturgis Falls 1/2 Marathon

Run 440 plus will be at the Sturgis Falls Half Marathon in Cedar Falls, IA this Sunday June 26th. I will signing autographs and taking pictures with my fans after the race. Right, if I had fans that is.

Seriously, I am looking forward to a training run on a race day. 16 miles with 13.1 being part of the race and the rest being warmup and cool down. My hamstring has been tight lately, so my race goals are not very high. It will be a race day decision whether to push for a faster start corral qualifying time for Chicago or just taking it easy and finishing the race.

 Oh well, such is the life of a 40 plus runner. Dealing with the limp of the week.

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