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Bowler Runner

I have won more than a few bowling tournaments over the years. I never have, nor will I ever win a marathon. Given the choice, I would take the honest pursuit of training for and completing a marathon over winning bowling tournaments for one main reason: Hard work in running pays dividends beyond the competition.

Bowling in itself  is a fine way to compete and make life long friends. Yet in competition there is an element of luck involved. The pins don’t always fall on good shots and sometimes they fall on bad shots. You can practice forever and still get beat by someone of lessor ability when a few lucky breaks go his or her way.

In running, hard work and making the right life choices are the main determining factors in whether you are successful or not. Success can be measured by overall health, weight loss, fitness level, self-confidence, outlook on life, improved performance and the competing aspect.

The friendships I have made through bowling I will cherish for life, the life that I have made through running is better because I probably made the life part longer.


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