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Runner Vs. Non-Runner

In a Presidential Election year in the USA the difference between the two main political parties are analyzed ad nauseum. We runners often don’t understand non-runners as they do not understand us. It comes down to who or what you love. Runners love running and those who don’t runner have no affection for running.

I have met some people who tried to run, but just didn’t have that feeling that I tried to explain to them. Runners know that feeling and we can discuss it in a group of runners, but try to speak of it to the non-converted is almost useless. I remember when I was a single guy with no children and it wasn’t until I had kids that I understood what having kids meant. What it feels like. It is impossible to articulate the feeling. The runner’s high is in that category. You either get it or you don’t.

If you know anyone or are someone who just hated running at one time and then learned to love it, please speak up, it would be great to hear about it.



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2 thoughts on “Runner Vs. Non-Runner

  1. I loved it right away. it actually has saved my life. I’ve given up in trying to explain it to non runners. Your analogy of trying to explain having kids is a great one.

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