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Boston Marathon Results: Boston Stronger

The first Boston Marathon after the bombings last year was a pleasure to watch. Feeling compelled to make my marathon spectating debut, my father, my son and I made the trek to Boston and were greeted by friendly, helpful people, who did everything possible to show the world that Boston is not only strong, but one big family.
From the desk clerks at the hotel, to many MBTA commuters, to several marathon spectators, to the Boston Police, everyone we met was in a great mood and nice beyond expectations.
The spirit of the marathon is about overcoming great challenges to accomplish something truly special. The City of Boston helped prove that when we dedicate ourselves to being nice to each other great things can happen.


Central Park Then Boston

I am finding it difficult to sleep with a bucket list type run just a few hours away. Central Park in NYC has to be up there. If my walk down 7th Ave some 50 plus blocks tells me anything is the people will be the scenery on this run. I was wondering if everyone in NYC is an actor or if people just seem more interesting here. They do seem in pretty good shape. I suppose walking those long city blocks everyday would help keep the people of this city in shape.

More of a report on the actual run itself later,

Also looking forward to taking in a run for the first time as a spectator. It is kind of a big deal maybe you have heard of it? Last name Marathon, first name Boston. The prospect of the chance to view the race I have dreamed of running and have qualified for twice is pretty darn awesome. I am sure there will be mixed emotions with the joy of being there filled with the wonderment of what could have been. Hey, it is what it is. I planned this trip to show my deep respects to a marathon and a city that took a sharp blow last year and more than recovered to get an even bigger event (if that’s possible) out there this year.

I probably should get some sleep before these 2 runner’s high events, but I am not sure that will happen, More words later,


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