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A Kid’s Logic

My 3-year-old son just said, “I spit that out (pizza) because I didn’t want it in my mouth.” Makes sense. If all of life’s choices were that easy. Maybe they should be. Like whether to run or not. I didn’t run today, because I didn’t want to. Tomorrow I will run because I do want to.  When we complicate decisions with outside influences that hamper our goals is when things tend to be less than pleasant. Since running equates to a healthy activity then it should be farther up the list than say hitting the bar for an after work beverage.

Simple decision-making will bring those priorities where they should be every time, hence the word priorities. This may be an oversimplification, but that is the point.

Keep it simple and running will take care of you.

Song Suggestion of the day: Fly Me Courageous by Drivin’ n Cryin’, with a driving guitar riff, this song will keep you moving for miles to come.


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