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Bix 7 Results (continued)

(continued from previous post)

5. The spectators. Bix has the best cheering section of all races. Marathons like Chicago have people lining the course for most of the distance. Bix has fans lining the entire course plus they up on the figures of the sport like the previously mentioned Bill Rodgers and Joan Benoit Samuelson.

4, The beat the champs challenge. One average runner has a chance with a head start to win a jackpot. It is pretty cool to see that runner go all out to win the cash and most years she or he does.

3. Street venders. Part of my post race routine is to check out the venders post post race party. I gotten my share of cheap sunglasses and kick ass gyros.

2. 45 minutes flat. Many run for and will always remember his or her PR in a race.  My second Bix I was in top shape and the weather was right. It was cool to run a fast time early in my race career, but frustrating not to get back there year after year.

1. Elite runners on an out and back course. Being able to see the elites racing back at you and judge how far you are from the turnaround is awesome. This more than anything keeps the race connected to all who participate.

10 is just a number when there are so many more reasons run this race. It is truly special.


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