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Mountains as Motivation

As the sands of time blow away the desire to race/compete, the need to find reasons to get out the door become important. Nothing motivates me more than the thought of running through, by or within sight of cool stuff. Lake Michigan and the Chicago Skyline comes to mind. The thing that really gets me going is a run in the mountains.

It could be that mountain running is such an infrequent endeavor for me. I live in the flat Midwest with Denver, CO 800 miles away. I was fortunate enough to have a career years back where I traveled to Denver several times with enough free time to run over to the foothills of Golden, CO. As a child my family camped in Rocky Mountain National Park. Plus on those family vacations we listened to a lot of John Denver. Mountains really pump me up.

Next weekend I am making a trip to the Lake Tahoe, CA area. A little research on Google Maps and this trip looks promising for a few mountain runs. Of course the preparation leading up to the trip is key. I have been ramping up my mileage over the last few months, however one thing I can’t simulate is the altitude and thin air. When I ran in Golden back in 2002, I was full in marathon training mode and really didn’t notice a difference. This time around I am heavier and my mileage (though above average) is not anywhere near 60 mile per week. Extreme care will need to be taken.

I can hear John Denver now with a medley of great mountain songs…..Almost heaven…..Rocky Mountain High…..eagles fly….


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