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Well Rounded Marathon Man

Full time job, full-time family, part-time student and part-time runner. Balancing everything in life is difficult especially if you look for excuses to even get started in the first place. If you think you don’t have the time for exercise, do one thing, turn off the TV.

There is so much time in a day that is wasted. It doesn’t take much planning to make a big change and improve your life.

In running I have found not only can I improve my physical health, I can also figure out work problems as well as write articles in my head. Nothing is boring if you let your mind take you to other places.

Marathon training is one small part of a full life. Full but nowhere near maxed out.

Well rounded marathon man


7th in 11

2011 Marathon season is coming to a close and as I look back I could have done a lot of things different and maybe would have come through with more desired results. Oh such is the life of a marathon runner.

Chicago Marathon training – I didn’t run fast enough

Fargo Marathon training – I didn’t run far enough

Two big vastly different mistakes with similar lack luster results.

One the bright side I finished my 7th marathon with no career DNF’s. 2012 will not bring a Boston Marathon, however I just want to run and enjoy the experience. Priorities may change, but one thing stays the same – honest effort and an honest life. Ok that may be 2 things.

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