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Chicago Marathon Weather Looking Warm

Marathon weather is a major concern and this year’s Chicago Marathon is shaping up to be on the warmer side of the scale of ideal marathon conditions. 55-74 is the forecast for Chicago for Sunday. Those temps may be nice for everyday life, but for a marathon be careful.  Be prepared to suck down that Gatorade and water in bunches. Make sure to have enough salt in your system as concentrating solely on water can cause you to become salt deficient and cause major problems. I counter act this by going heavy on the Gatorade and lighter on the water on marathon day.

With no rain in the forecast, it does make for easy race day clothing decisions, so that is a plus.

Good luck and see you all at the finish line!


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One thought on “Chicago Marathon Weather Looking Warm

  1. Ok, I am not a Weatherman, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

    According the trending I have noticed for Chicago Weather for the last month, 55-75 for the day will probably translate to 57 early and 69-72 for the late morning. These temps are higher than the temps for marathons where I have had success.

    Mid 40’s to 50’s for a span seems to be ideal for marathon morning.

    Results may vary, please try this at home.

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