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AGALLAS: Guía de funcionamiento intenso

Simplemente no es suficiente salir y correr con su música en los oídos y tratar de bloquear el dolor. Si realmente desea establecer una meta alta y arma para ello, debe poseer el dolor en formación. Usted mismo empuje sobre todos los demás ejecutar si ejecuta todos los días. Para ejecutar un sub 3:20 maratón o lo que nunca sería su tiempo de clasificación del maratón de Boston, necesita sentir el dolor en formación. No existen si calcetines y-calcetines o calcetines pero sobre ello.Cuando estaba en mis treintas mediados en que pude correr carreras todo el camino del dolor. En algún lugar a lo largo de la línea que salió el Ipod y el deseo de ejecutar tripas fuera went away. Ahora he tomado 4 socios de entrenamiento y el Ipod ha quedado en casa. Somos capaces de presionar mutuamente y esa sensación de que se ejecuta a través del dolor está volviendo. Todavía corro 3 veces por semana solo para empujar yo mentalmente y físicamente sin el impulso de la asistencia externa.Con el deseo de la resucitada, un tiempo de calificación de Boston es sólo Primavera 2013 en maratón.

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Marathon X 4 for 2012?

Well I doubled the number of marathons I have run in one year this year going from 1 to 2, now I am considering running 4 in 2012.

Fargo, Grandma’s, Chicago and New York. More to come later.

Runner Cancer Survivor Dies

I am at a loss for words. I didn’t know this person personally. He didn’t coach any of my kids and we never shared a conversation, but I knew who he was and his influence on numerous high school athletes in Eastern Iowa. What he did for me was open my eyes to randomness of cancer.

I have known smokers that got lung cancer, but Gary Stamp was a non-smoker and avid runner who would carry a garage bag and would pick up cans and trash while running. It just didn’t make any sense to me that Coach Stamp would be diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer last spring.

It was the push that I needed to try to help make a difference in the lives of cancer survivors. If my running could help raise money then it was something I had to do. If I am afforded the opportunity to live life to the fullest, then I can afford to do something for those who have hit a few setbacks.

Running the Chicago Marathon as part of  Team Livestrong was rewarding in so many ways. As I look to 2012, I look for other opportunities to run and give back along the way.

Coach Stamp died today. My daughter missed the opportunity to play softball for him by a year. She is very sad. I hope someday she will know the influence he had on our family and others will be everlasting.

Chicago Marathon Results (The Band was Good)

I think I ran 30 miles today. 26.2 would have been enough, but the bobbing and weaving had me spent by the half marathon. I ran through 22, but walked a bit after that when my good knee decided to shout at me and say enough was too much.

I really shouldn’t complain, I finished my second marathon of the year. I participated in something not everyone has the opportunity to do. I am thankful and will continue to plug away, lose a few more pounds and find a trail marathon to do in the spring.

The Expo, the experience and the Band was good, so I will put this one on the plus side for fun and overall enjoyment. I will say that I was good as retired from marathon running somewhere between 22 miles and 30 minutes after the race, but before a press conference could be organized, I recanted and started planning the next one. My priorities have changed from Boston Qualifying to finishing as many different marathons as possible. New York anyone? Big Sur?

Chicago Marathon Bib Number 5945

The pursuit of a Boston Marathon Qualifying time begins at 7:30 CDT in Grant Park, Chicago, IL.

Training went well. The carbo loading is going well. I feel fit and relaxed.

I hope everyones’ training went well as well (can you tell) . See you all on the streets of Chicago or in Charity Village as part of  Team Livestrong.

Good Luck and run free.

Chicago Marathon Weather Looking Warm

Marathon weather is a major concern and this year’s Chicago Marathon is shaping up to be on the warmer side of the scale of ideal marathon conditions. 55-74 is the forecast for Chicago for Sunday. Those temps may be nice for everyday life, but for a marathon be careful.  Be prepared to suck down that Gatorade and water in bunches. Make sure to have enough salt in your system as concentrating solely on water can cause you to become salt deficient and cause major problems. I counter act this by going heavy on the Gatorade and lighter on the water on marathon day.

With no rain in the forecast, it does make for easy race day clothing decisions, so that is a plus.

Good luck and see you all at the finish line!

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