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Chicago Marathon Blog 2 Weeks Left

One long run left before Chicago. 20 miles tomorrow and I will have a total 4 runs of 20 or more while training for this marathon. Peaking at 22 miles over hills I feel strong both physically and mentally for this one. Fargo I used a different training program, which only took me to 16 miles for a long run max. This time I went back to what has worked for me in the past, which meant fighting through the end of long runs over hills to give me the confidence that on the flat city streets of Chicago, I will have more than prepared for the distance and mental challenge that comes somewhere over 20 miles.

My first marathon I hit the wall at 23 miles. That year I trained up to 20 miles, so the next year I trained up to 24 miles on a flat course. My 24 mile run really was a 14 mile run with 10 miles of run/walking, but it did put me over the top mentally. I told myself that Chicago would cooler both temperature and atmosphere wise. Chicago would give me everything from a support perspective that my training run didn’t: Gatorade, loud people cheering, others running along and pace teams.

That year I qualified for Boston for the first time without hitting the wall. That 24 mile training run really blew, but it got me where I wanted to go.

This year the 22 miler was over hills and it was rough near the end. I ran it the whole way, so no run/walking and it did give me confidence that I can keep plugging away at mile 20, 22, 24 and all the way through 26.2 on the flat streets of Chicago and get me where I want to go….. you know, the B word again.


Boston Registration Opens Chicago Shut out

I signed up for the Chicago Marathon the first day it opened back in Feb.  My hope for Chicago was a Boston Marathon Qualifying time. Then came the changes announced by the BAA that the registration time would be Sept 12th and only the fastest qualifiers would get to register first. I am pretty sure Boston will close by the time Chicago comes around on Oct. 9th.

I  am frustrated with the timing of everything, but I do like the new standards and will push harder in my training to make my goal.

If I qualify for Boston 2013 with my time in Chicago, I will apply for a Charity Entry into Boston 2012.

Things may change, but the ultimate goal stays the same.

Habit of Bad Habits

To say I like to over do things I like to do would be an understatement. A lot of the good and even more of the bad. If I didn’t run I would probably weigh 300 pounds. Running makes me not want to do the bad things, but I still over eat from time to time and a day off from running makes me hungry or bored or both.

We all have different reasons to run. I love it and it loves me. At least that’s what it has been telling me lately. From the books I have read and the hills I have climbed, it has all come together to make it the most life affirming choice of this life.

The book Born to Run by Christopher McDougall notes that the ability to love and running do have a connection. Looking back on my life, I was not capable of love before I started running. Not sure if the connection runs that deep, but I am willing to run with it. Oh golly!

I didn’t care much for myself, before I starting running. I couldn’t maintain a relationship before I started running. I was only successful at escaping from my problems before I ran with them and worked them out.

Run far and find….yourself.

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