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Run With Authority (Song)

Home from my most encouraging long run since before the Fargo Marathon. After weeks of heat shorten or hampered longs runs, it was great to be able to run for the entire 18 miles. No walk breaks or cutting anything short.

It was cooler this morning, which helped a great deal. The real main reason I was able to stay strong though out the run came from the book “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall. If you love to run (as my brother had told be a few months back) you have to read this book. Read this book to get back to a time before cell phones, high fructose corn sirup and corporate cubicals. Life doesn’t have to be lived in a box, out of a box or in boxy running shoes.

True I work in the corporate world, but I choose to run to have a taste of freedom. To taste a time when not everything was shipped, trucked and delivered to your door. We have become a lazy nation. The thought that our kids are going to die before us is scary. I hope the example that I am setting for my kids is that it is easy to do nothing. I am sure the sight of Dad limping into the house doesn’t invoke a “Hey let’s go do that.” attitude, but someday I hope they realize that anything worth having comes with hard work.


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