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Chicago Running Shoes

With Bix behind me, my focus is on to the Chicago Marathon and a pretty big decision to make. Nike Free Run or Mizuno Alchemy?

 I have built up my training this summer to all, but my long runs in the Frees. Since I bought my second pair of the Frees I have done all of my races in them. The longest race distance has been 7 miles with a training run long of 10. I am unsure if I can make the change from the Alchemys to the Frees for the full marathon distance. I will take a test at a 1/2 marathon in Sept. and see how that goes before making my final choice.

I must say I want to make the switch permanent as I feel more, er, well, er, free when I run in the Frees. I realize that is a no dah statement, however the connection to the ground is important when running. The big support shoes block that feeling and encourage improper form.

The switch is a slow process. 10 years of long distance running in the motion control shoes has created an addiction and atrophy effect on my calves. The calves have been the biggest roadblock in the transition. They like to tell me quick when I try to do too much too fast.

This summer I have been listening to my body and I have been relatively injury free (there’s that word again). The less in more approach to running shoes seems to be helping me in the long run, so maybe it is time to take the long run to the Frees.


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