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Bix 7 Results

A perfect day for a Bix 7 mile run. Perfect in that it didn’t rain. Last year it just poured before the race, some during and after. Like last year I was drenched by the end of the run. Hot and humid makes for a personal rain and less than expected results.

I had hoped for a 49 minute or less finish given my recent race times and weight loss since last summer. The hills make it difficult to gage other race performance to predict for the Bix. It takes a year to forget how the  infamous Brady Street hill will treat you or trick you into thinking you’re ready for the rest of  7 miles of  hills in the heat.

Like I have said in past blogs, I train on hills up to 24 miles. What Bix does that can’t be simulated in training unless you have 18,000 friends, is pack you in and makes you fight for every foot. A big city marathon is similar, yet usually you can break free after 2 miles. At Bix the first 3-4 miles are a fight and in a 7 miles race that doesn’t leave a lot time for make up pace.

The Brady Street hill, which greets you at the beginning of the race, now throws you down it in the last mile. For most people this is a good thing, but for me and my bum right knee, this is no pleasure cruise. Down hills have been the bane of my running existence. I can usually pass peeps on ascents and get passed back and then some on the declines. Yesterday was no exception, which was compounded by a calf cramp that took no liking to the negative slope.

After two calf massages and the arrival of  level ground, I was able to finish with a decent kick. My time was 4.5 minutes off of my goal, but I will take it considering all the other stuff.

Now on the best post race party in all of the land. The only criticism of which is the lack of a live band the last 2 years. Bix bring back the band, DJs are the thing of morning drive time not street celebrations.


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2 thoughts on “Bix 7 Results

  1. Yvette on said:

    wow, I would love to qualify for Boston. I have ran a total of three marathons. I don’t really count the one in Iraq, I don’t believe the miles were accurate. The last one was in May.

  2. Good going – I think we all beat ourselves up if we don’t hit our self imposed goal. We often don’t give ourselves enough credit given certain conditions – hills, as you mentioned; crowds (nightmare & the bane of non-elite runners) and the weather. The truth is, if you put the effort in you have to be content with the performance (I say this but I am my biggest critic!) I have blogged a bit about performance highs and lows and found a good short video by a guy called ‘coach’ Joe English re good days & bad days…I called the post “great advice”. My issue now is that I am going on holiday for 3 weeks and have a 10k race and one (possibly two) half marathons in successive weeks upon my return…dear knows what sort of shape I will be in when I get back from holiday!!?? Good luck with your future races. I’ll dip in and out of your blog to follow your progress.

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