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Shoes Still Smoking

Home from an 8 mile run and my shoes are still smoking on the rack by the door. Two bags of frozen corn, one on each knee smooth the soreness away. We as distance runners know what it takes to consistent preparation and proper recovery to insure a suitable result on marathon day.

Tick, tick, tick, (lame attempt at clock impression) only 21 days to Fargo. Tomorrow is my last long run before the taper begins. Ready for the excitement of race day. 15 weeks down. New Boston Marathon registration rules have Fargo as my only opportunity to qualify for 2012. Chicago can be used for 2013. Thoughts just race through my head. Just want to have a healthy strong performance, yet visions of greatness come and go.

The chant I have for those rough patches in the marathon is ready. “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” I had used the phrase, “Don’t give up on the dream.” during marathons passed. I thought the use of “don’t” and “give up” my for a more negative thought and the new phrase would be more up lifting.

Fast forward to Fargo 5 minutes after the finish. Hugs from Jill and Maddux. I did it, Boston here we come.

See the result and feel the feeling. Prepare to make it reality.

2011 Team LIVESTRONG Run – General Donation


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