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Less Than Month to Fargo Random Thoughts

Training journal post number 98 starts with a warm feeling of knowing the marathon is only 27 days away. Marathon training can invoke many random  thoughts. Here are some recent ones, focus  on the word recent as these are not necessary the best:

Stretching went well, hope my knee stays strong.

I hope this truck doesn’t hit me or the guy driving it doesn’t yell something stupid or offensive, like “Run Forrest Run” or “Hey &^*(head”

That was a weird dream I had last night

That was a weird dream my wife told me about this morning.

This would be a nice place to ride the motorcycle.

Almost to the half way point.

Is this dog friendly, is this dog friendly, is this dog……, phew it is.

I wonder what Jill and the kids are doing right now.

Half way there.

The job interview for the promotion went well, I wish they would announce the decision before the weekend.

This hill seems  harder today.

I don’t think I ate enough last night, I feel weak.

What is up, I just don’t have that 4th gear, today.

Promotion decision is still pending and I am still thinking about it.

Second wind, picking up the pace.

Well that didn’t last.

I hope this training program is working. I just don’t know if 16 mile long runs are enough. I guess I will know for sure in Fargo on May 21st. If it doesn’t work then I am going to go back to my old training program that I used for my 2nd-5th Chicago Marathons. That worked well enough. Why did I think this would work? What was I thinking. Hey it isn’t even marathon day, why are you freaking out? Get it together. Give this training program a chance and your full effort both mentally and physically and it will all work out. Wow I would be out of breath if these were actually spoken words and not just thoughts.

Almost done.

My next blog should be about random thoughts from the road.



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One thought on “Less Than Month to Fargo Random Thoughts

  1. Good luck in your last weeks of training. I can’t wait until the marathon! I’m coming there from LA~!

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