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Training Plan Blunder

Somewhere along the line I messed up my marathon training schedule. I thought I was one week  closer to the marathon than what is reality. Oh well I will have to put in one more week  of 50 plus total miles. That is what I get for not reviewing the calendar after the first month and only looking at the plan itself. When I look back at the plan I can’t tell what week I skipped over.

Basically I will duplicate my last longest week of:

8, 6 speed, off, 10 mp, 7, 8, 16 with one alteration. 6 instead of 8 on monday to give a little recovery from the Sunday 16. Given my plans of the past doing double duty has been common. I have always done long runs in a double stair step pattern. Ex: 14,14,16,16,18,18 and so on with no set down recovery weeks. This program has gone 8,8,10,8,12,8,14,10,15,10,16,10,16,10,16,10,8, 26.2 race for the long runs. I should be able to handle one 16 mile double up.

I can’t wait for the race, I guess I was trying my hand at magic to skip a week and get there quicker. I stink as much at magic as calendar comprehension.

Livestrong funds raising update: $290 in one week. Special thanks to my most recent contributors Mike A. and Adam E. Good to know I have great friends who care about others’ wellbeing. The world looks a lot brighter when we all help each other.


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