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I Can’t Breath

I was listening the movie The Spirit of the Marathon while running the other day. The movie features 6 individuals training for the 2005 Chicago Marathon. 5 of them would finish the race. One was trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon and a knee injury caused him not to be able to run that day.

I was there in 2005, so this movie really hits me in my heart. What listening to the movie did for me on my run was make me completely lose my breath. If you have run a big city marathon you can probably guess which part caused this to happen to me. It was the start. Waiting for the start is like no other anticipation most people will ever know. You have training so hard for so long for this and now it is about to begin. The horn blows and the crowd of runners yell and scream with excitement. I got goosebumps, couldn’t breath and I was back there at the start all over again.

I can’t wait to have that feeling again for real on Oct. 9th.


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