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Summer is coming, better get in shape. Wedding is approaching, better get in shape. Put on a few pounds, better get in shape. Remember when you had goals to get in shape? As we get older those goals don’t seem as important. We get comfortable in our relationships, so we don’t have to try as hard to empress anyone. We just let things go. Pretty soon the pants don’t fit anymore. You can’t bend over as easily and it is time to take the elevator because the stairs leave you out of breath.

When faced with the same road to extra poundsville take a detour and find a new goal. The goals of the past may reemerge, but finding new interests may be what you need to make a change for the better.

As a young adult I was not a fan of running. I ran only as much as the sports I played required. I wouldn’t go out and just run. It bored me. But an injury changed my athletic possibilities, so I gave running a try to stay in shape. What I discovered is that running is only boring if (like most things in life) you let it be boring. The mind doesn’t turn off when you don’t have outside stimuli to keep you interested. The brain will allow you to think out other things while participating in an activity. You can run alone and think about solving the world’s problems. You can run with a group or a friend and discuss that Will Ferrell movie. 

Limits are only in the mind. Let your mind experiment and leave the limits behind.


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