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Shoes Still Smoking

Home from an 8 mile run and my shoes are still smoking on the rack by the door. Two bags of frozen corn, one on each knee smooth the soreness away. We as distance runners know what it takes to consistent preparation and proper recovery to insure a suitable result on marathon day.

Tick, tick, tick, (lame attempt at clock impression) only 21 days to Fargo. Tomorrow is my last long run before the taper begins. Ready for the excitement of race day. 15 weeks down. New Boston Marathon registration rules have Fargo as my only opportunity to qualify for 2012. Chicago can be used for 2013. Thoughts just race through my head. Just want to have a healthy strong performance, yet visions of greatness come and go.

The chant I have for those rough patches in the marathon is ready. “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” I had used the phrase, “Don’t give up on the dream.” during marathons passed. I thought the use of “don’t” and “give up” my for a more negative thought and the new phrase would be more up lifting.

Fast forward to Fargo 5 minutes after the finish. Hugs from Jill and Maddux. I did it, Boston here we come.

See the result and feel the feeling. Prepare to make it reality.

2011 Team LIVESTRONG Run – General Donation


One Hundred

100 miles over two weeks

100 days of running 8 miles or more

100 plus dollars to enter a marathon

100 meters not on the training schedule

100 words or more per post

100 ways to prepare a turkey (ok I don’t know where that came from)

100 mile ultra marathon (not in this life)

100th post for run440plus

It has been a fun ride so far and I am looking forward to the next 100 plus blogs. One marathon is just around the corner in Fargo on May 21st. Chicago in the Fall. I hope everyone has found some encouraging words and will continue their training. 100 over and out.

Thank you Jim and Margie for your contribution to the Livestrong Foundation for Cancer Survivor Programs.

2011 Team LIVESTRONG Run – General Donation

Marathon Motivations

As exciting it is to start a marathon, what we all want is to finish. It is going to hurt, you will need to mentally overcome and need to fight to the finish. Why do we put ourselves through this pain? Personal satisfaction, glory or fame? What the movie The Spirit of the Marathon has to say about why we run marathons is that once you have finished a marathon you believe you can do anything.

No matter where your life takes you, hope can be found in many different ways. Choosing to make improvements in your life starts with discovering goals and setting out to accomplish them. Be willing to fight for your goals and you will see the improvements. Hope for a better tomorrow starts with hope. Hope will lead to vision and vision will lead to the work at foot. Get working and anything is possible. Finishing one marathon might just be the start.

2011 Team LIVESTRONG Run – General Donation

Less Than Month to Fargo Random Thoughts

Training journal post number 98 starts with a warm feeling of knowing the marathon is only 27 days away. Marathon training can invoke many random  thoughts. Here are some recent ones, focus  on the word recent as these are not necessary the best:

Stretching went well, hope my knee stays strong.

I hope this truck doesn’t hit me or the guy driving it doesn’t yell something stupid or offensive, like “Run Forrest Run” or “Hey &^*(head”

That was a weird dream I had last night

That was a weird dream my wife told me about this morning.

This would be a nice place to ride the motorcycle.

Almost to the half way point.

Is this dog friendly, is this dog friendly, is this dog……, phew it is.

I wonder what Jill and the kids are doing right now.

Half way there.

The job interview for the promotion went well, I wish they would announce the decision before the weekend.

This hill seems  harder today.

I don’t think I ate enough last night, I feel weak.

What is up, I just don’t have that 4th gear, today.

Promotion decision is still pending and I am still thinking about it.

Second wind, picking up the pace.

Well that didn’t last.

I hope this training program is working. I just don’t know if 16 mile long runs are enough. I guess I will know for sure in Fargo on May 21st. If it doesn’t work then I am going to go back to my old training program that I used for my 2nd-5th Chicago Marathons. That worked well enough. Why did I think this would work? What was I thinking. Hey it isn’t even marathon day, why are you freaking out? Get it together. Give this training program a chance and your full effort both mentally and physically and it will all work out. Wow I would be out of breath if these were actually spoken words and not just thoughts.

Almost done.

My next blog should be about random thoughts from the road.


Baby Steps

As I watch my 1-year-old son try to learn to walk with his walker, I am reminded that life provides us with certain gifts. To waste those gifts is unthinkable to me at this point in my life. It wasn’t too long ago, however that I didn’t necessary practice what I pontificate.

Sharing your gifts with others is important. Giving back to the community is important. Taking care of one’s family is important. Writing down a goal and sharing that goal with others is vital. Taking ownership of your goals is key to making changes in your life. Once you have made the visualized changes in your life is when you can start to give back.

It is one thing to lose weight. It is another to help others to the same. One can mature and become a positive force in your community. Bitterness and negativity just breeds more suffering. Choose the positive.

Training Plan Blunder

Somewhere along the line I messed up my marathon training schedule. I thought I was one week  closer to the marathon than what is reality. Oh well I will have to put in one more week  of 50 plus total miles. That is what I get for not reviewing the calendar after the first month and only looking at the plan itself. When I look back at the plan I can’t tell what week I skipped over.

Basically I will duplicate my last longest week of:

8, 6 speed, off, 10 mp, 7, 8, 16 with one alteration. 6 instead of 8 on monday to give a little recovery from the Sunday 16. Given my plans of the past doing double duty has been common. I have always done long runs in a double stair step pattern. Ex: 14,14,16,16,18,18 and so on with no set down recovery weeks. This program has gone 8,8,10,8,12,8,14,10,15,10,16,10,16,10,16,10,8, 26.2 race for the long runs. I should be able to handle one 16 mile double up.

I can’t wait for the race, I guess I was trying my hand at magic to skip a week and get there quicker. I stink as much at magic as calendar comprehension.

Livestrong funds raising update: $290 in one week. Special thanks to my most recent contributors Mike A. and Adam E. Good to know I have great friends who care about others’ wellbeing. The world looks a lot brighter when we all help each other.

Going Well Beware

Be careful, beware when things are going well. My training is going famously and that scares me to death. The knee is not so tricky, my times are coming down and I am getting lean. 2 weeks without a hitch. Ey yah! I should be confident, but distance endurance training is nothing but unpredictable. Making it to the starting line 100% healthy is difficult at 35 and even more so at 44.

I will count my blessings and keep on plugging away and hope for the best.

A very special shout out to Amy S., Ben C., Marina C., Holly A. and Greg R. for donating to cancer research and patient care via Team Livestrong . Thanks Good Buddies! Very much appreciated!

Running For Our Friends

I have a gift. I can run. I can run pretty far. To date I have yet to run for a cause. Now I am running for those who are suffering and those who may not even know yet that they have a decease, which often doesn’t  announce it’s presences.
It was hot for my 16 mile run today. I suffered through it. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue after 13 miles, however I thought about my fund-raising for cancer research and patient care, which pushed me to complete the run.

Livestrong at Chicago Marathon

Hi Folks, I will be running the Chicago Marathon as part of  Team Livestrong to raise funds for cancer survivor programs and care. Please visit my page at to make a donation or to learn more. Thanks.

I Can’t Breath

I was listening the movie The Spirit of the Marathon while running the other day. The movie features 6 individuals training for the 2005 Chicago Marathon. 5 of them would finish the race. One was trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon and a knee injury caused him not to be able to run that day.

I was there in 2005, so this movie really hits me in my heart. What listening to the movie did for me on my run was make me completely lose my breath. If you have run a big city marathon you can probably guess which part caused this to happen to me. It was the start. Waiting for the start is like no other anticipation most people will ever know. You have training so hard for so long for this and now it is about to begin. The horn blows and the crowd of runners yell and scream with excitement. I got goosebumps, couldn’t breath and I was back there at the start all over again.

I can’t wait to have that feeling again for real on Oct. 9th.

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