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Time For Pain / Can’t Rush Results

As much as I wish May 21st were here and I was running the Fargo Marathon and not writing about wishing that I was running it and not just wishing about it, I know I still have work to do before that day arrives. If I were to skip forward, I know the results would be pain on top of more pain. The marathon is a brutal event and without the proper preparation it becomes a longer in duration brutal event. I know I will suffer, why make it last longer than it has to?

I want to get the marathon done as quickly as possible. As much as I want to do it, I want it to be over ASAP. It is after all a race. The point of a race is to go as fast as you can and get it done. Training for a marathon is a series of shorter painful events designed to make the act of completing the marathon as quick as possible. The pain will be there for both the fleet of feet and the slowest of the slow. Whether you are a 5 hour marathoner or a 3 hour marathoner, it is the preparation that determines whether the 5 becomes a 4:30 or the 3 becomes a 2:50. Train well and the duration of pain will decrease. The intensity of said pain will always be there.

Cutting corners on your training will only lead to one opportunity. The opportunity to enjoy the pain for a longer amount of time. If that is what you are in to…


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