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Rat Race / Staying Sexy

Maintaining interest in your training is like maintaining interest in a blog about running. People tend to get bored easily and if things are not new and improved then interest dies a quick death.

Remember one must hustle to stay on top. It is all go, go, go in this life and if you are not staying ahead, we all know where that leads. It leads to not leading. As Will Ferrell as Ricky Bobby would say, “You’re either first or your last.”

Don’t get caught getting caught up with the same old. Find new ways to peak your interest. Step out of your comfort zone and look for new places to run. New people to run with. New drills, vary your tempo, buy new clothes. Strive to feel good about yourself and share your wealth of knowledge with others.

If Will Ferrell as Rod Burgundy would say, “Stay Classy San Diego” I say Stay Sexy World, mainly because if the word sex doesn’t appear in your blog, no one will Google it.

Note: Will Ferrell did run the Boston Marathon (in real life)


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One thought on “Rat Race / Staying Sexy

  1. Nice! Charlie Sheen (there’s another hit for you).

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