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Tiger Hawk

As some of you may know, the logo on the helmets for the Iowa Hawkeye Football team is known as a Tiger Hawk. Designed when Hayden Fry became the head coach back in 1979. So as Charlie Sheen can claim to have Tiger Blood running through his veins (plus other unnamed substances) I can have Tiger Hawk Blood running through mine. Now I am not delusional with my passions, yet I am passionate about my fandom. Now Mr. Run440plus what does this have to do with running. Well let me tell you a story my friend.

My first 4 Chicago Marathons were run in blue running shorts and an orange shirt in honor of my favorite Pro Football team the Denver Broncos. Now since this is in Chicago, there were no Broncos logos on this outfit. So what I got from the crowd was a lot of “Go Illini!” for the University of Illinois. Now this was just not going to do. I did notice quite a few Tiger Hawks in black and gold on many of the spectators along the route. “Hey!”, I said to myself, “There sure are a lot of Hawk Fans in Chicago.”

So it may have taken me 4 tries to learn my lesson, but I decided that I would follow my fandom and don the old black and gold for my next marathon and all my races since.

The key is to be yourself and garner the support you desire when running big events. To hear the cheers from people just like you is an awesome feeling when running a race. This is especially true then the race is 26.2 miles and you need all the support you can get. A push can come from within, yet the push that you get from a total stranger’s words of encouragement can be as uplifting or more so. So when someone yells, “Go Hawks!” at my next marathon, I will take it as if it came from my best friend.

Take the support and run with it.


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