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Shake Rattle and Run

The biggest change with losing over 40 pounds in the last 9 months has been the lack of  jiggle when I run. Becoming lean has made for a more pleasant running experience. I can remember back in June when I decided to pick up the workouts and start running again on a more consistent basis. I had gained the 40 pounds since my last marathon in 2006. The jiggle didn’t make me giggle.

It frustrated me as I didn’t feel like I should have ever let myself get to that point. I had reinvented myself to become a marathon runner in the first place. To let all of that go and let myself become thick and doughy was a long process. It hasn’t been easy to get back to marathon weight, but I got there with 9 weeks to spare. Any weight loss before May 21st is gravy, low-fat gravy.

The road in life can be hilly. When the weight swing up word begins, take control and redirect ourself back to the goals that got you in shape in the first place. If you are just starting out to get in shape, put in the work and stay focused. Maintaining a clear mind (when the ups and downs of weight loss hit you) will keep you on track. Losing sight of your goals or getting frustrated can result in a defeatist attitude. Know that the bumps and plateaus will come, but staying strong and fighting through will keep you on track for the long haul.


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2 thoughts on “Shake Rattle and Run

  1. I love the noticeable improvements and progress with running… Good job on your progress!


  2. Just what I needed to read at exactly this moment. The calling for doughnuts was screaming in my ears. After this reminder, the piece of fruit was the better choice!

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