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Time For Pain / Can’t Rush Results

As much as I wish May 21st were here and I was running the Fargo Marathon and not writing about wishing that I was running it and not just wishing about it, I know I still have work to do before that day arrives. If I were to skip forward, I know the results would be pain on top of more pain. The marathon is a brutal event and without the proper preparation it becomes a longer in duration brutal event. I know I will suffer, why make it last longer than it has to?

I want to get the marathon done as quickly as possible. As much as I want to do it, I want it to be over ASAP. It is after all a race. The point of a race is to go as fast as you can and get it done. Training for a marathon is a series of shorter painful events designed to make the act of completing the marathon as quick as possible. The pain will be there for both the fleet of feet and the slowest of the slow. Whether you are a 5 hour marathoner or a 3 hour marathoner, it is the preparation that determines whether the 5 becomes a 4:30 or the 3 becomes a 2:50. Train well and the duration of pain will decrease. The intensity of said pain will always be there.

Cutting corners on your training will only lead to one opportunity. The opportunity to enjoy the pain for a longer amount of time. If that is what you are in to…


8 Mile Appetizer 16 Mile Main Course

Now is not the time to say that I am comfortable with my numbers. My pace runs have been good. I have been seeing the times I should be seeing. I have been healthy. My body has adjusted to the 50 mile plus weeks and I am feeling confident going into the most intense stretch of my training. Everyday is measured. Every run accounted for.

Things can change quickly. Injuries could happen. Weather conditions could turn. I could get a movie deal that would pay me life changing money and… wait, back to reality. N E way. It is best to continue to prepare wisely, according to plan, not take risks and try to stay positive.

My 8 miler today was the best run I have had during this training program. Pace was right on and my legs felt healthy and strong. 16 miles tomorrow will be the first of three 16 mile runs on the program. 16 miles is the shortest longest long run of any plan I have ever done for any of my marathons. The appetizers and desserts are key. 24 mile weekends with 8 mile Mondays. 8, 16, 8. Funny, I am still hungry for more.

What Would Dan Patrick Do?

Being a life long sports fan and participant, I have taken in heavy dose of sports radio over the years. Recently I have become a follower of  The Dan Patrick Show on a semi-daily basis. One of Mr. Patrick’s favorite phrases is “Digital Beer Muscles” when referring to how brave people become when stationed on a laptop and not engaged in face to face discussion.

What is refreshing about the running community is that for the most part runners, though competitive by nature, are not combative when it comes to blogging and commenting on blogs. Motivation is not war. The world has enough conflict.

Running and sharing ideas is all about harmony and building a better world, one individual at a time. I have taken chances at reaching a more broad audience because runners are runners, but it is those who have not begun to run are the ones I want to reach the most.

What I hear quite frequently when I say I ran 4 or 8 or 12 miles in a day is “I can’t run that far.” Well most people can’t go out and run farther than a mile the first time out. Some can’t run more than a few yards the first time. But if the contestants on the NBC show “The Biggest Loser” can run a full Marathon after a few months of training, then most people can run if they put their  mind to it.

If today you run 100 yards then tomorrow run 110 and the next day 120. It may seem like you will never get up to substantial mileage, but it will come. Be patience and don’t let a little pain get in the way of building a foundation. Tomorrow you can begin to build the house. If you have been sitting on the couch for 10 years, starting slow is a good idea.

Just starting is a good idea. Staying with it is even better.

Love Run Trial Marathon Arrested Google

It is interesting how searches have found this blog either on purpose or by accident. Below are the key words people have used and in turn found this running blog:

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I may have to play with the title choices going forward to illicit the intended or unintended responses. Sometimes things happen by accident. Finding the motivation to change your life can come from any direction.

Find it where you find it.

Run 2 3 Run 2 3

Adding running to your life will add rhythm to your life. Running by itself has rhythm. The act of placing running in your daily plan gives your life a beat that makes all other aspects of your life better.

Give it a try and the beat will go on and on and on….

Flying High

Each day brings us closer to the race

Long runs short runs and runs at pace

Stretching limits and building endurance

Fargo provides streets on which to dance

Dreams of attaining a Boston qualifying time

Running to catch a ride to the starting line

Pushing limits and testing one’s guts

Blazing trials and making your own ruts

True to your word finishing the started

Building the confidence as fear departed

As those who know little about it sigh

You will be the one who is flying high

Strong Marathon Training Weekend Long Title Short Story

To honestly know that the things that you are doing are creating the desired results is extremely satisfying. With marathon training all the right things early are a good sign, however remaining consistent and keeping up with the discipline all the way to the starting line can be difficult when life gets in the way. Family illness, daycare illnesses, personal illness and the weather can all play a part in side tracking an otherwise famously well laid out and performed training plan.

All we can do is our very best and not get frustrated with unforseen roadblocks and detours. Stay strong folks and good luck with your training.

Bowler Runner

I have won more than a few bowling tournaments over the years. I never have, nor will I ever win a marathon. Given the choice, I would take the honest pursuit of training for and completing a marathon over winning bowling tournaments for one main reason: Hard work in running pays dividends beyond the competition.

Bowling in itself  is a fine way to compete and make life long friends. Yet in competition there is an element of luck involved. The pins don’t always fall on good shots and sometimes they fall on bad shots. You can practice forever and still get beat by someone of lessor ability when a few lucky breaks go his or her way.

In running, hard work and making the right life choices are the main determining factors in whether you are successful or not. Success can be measured by overall health, weight loss, fitness level, self-confidence, outlook on life, improved performance and the competing aspect.

The friendships I have made through bowling I will cherish for life, the life that I have made through running is better because I probably made the life part longer.

Marathon Pace

Putting up numbers, training hard, step by step, seeing results, times going down, confidence going up, endurance increasing, waist size shrinking, feeling the groove, feet on the move, you can do this, checking it off your list, miles building, awesome feeling, strength improving, keep on grooving, getting leaner, opposite of meaner, new purpose, health is first, staying stronger, not much longer, feel the wall, not time to fall, picking back up, no longer a pup,………….. .2

Rat Race / Staying Sexy

Maintaining interest in your training is like maintaining interest in a blog about running. People tend to get bored easily and if things are not new and improved then interest dies a quick death.

Remember one must hustle to stay on top. It is all go, go, go in this life and if you are not staying ahead, we all know where that leads. It leads to not leading. As Will Ferrell as Ricky Bobby would say, “You’re either first or your last.”

Don’t get caught getting caught up with the same old. Find new ways to peak your interest. Step out of your comfort zone and look for new places to run. New people to run with. New drills, vary your tempo, buy new clothes. Strive to feel good about yourself and share your wealth of knowledge with others.

If Will Ferrell as Rod Burgundy would say, “Stay Classy San Diego” I say Stay Sexy World, mainly because if the word sex doesn’t appear in your blog, no one will Google it.

Note: Will Ferrell did run the Boston Marathon (in real life)

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