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Half Way

This is the 8th week of the 16 week marathon training program I am following for the Fargo Marathon. The mileage is creeping up and even though the half way point in the program is near the mileage in the second half far outweighs the mileage in the front half. Just like the marathon itself, the second half is when the tough need to get going with no excuses. The first 8 weeks lay the foundation for the real hard work to follow.

 I am pleased with my progress so far. It hasn’t been perfect, yet I feel like real progress has been made despite a few bumps and unexpected turns.  We can all anticipate a few deviations along the way of any plan. It is how one adjusts and keeps plugging away that will determine if the entire process will be a success. Quiting without a legitimate cause (injury for example) would be the only failure.


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