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Marathon (I love the sound of it)

The word marathon to me just sounds cool. (pause) Marathon (pause). Maybe its just me. I often get chills just saying or even thinking the word. To me if i don’t have the word in my head I will skip the occasional workout. If marathon is in there than those workouts find a way into the schedule around a whole bunch of other stuff. Balancing work and a very busy kids’ sports schedule isn’t easy, but doable. No matter how busy a schedule there should always be a way to trim the fat off the schedule and your midsection. 

The second part of this blog on the word marathon involves my favorite question that I and most marathon runners get as well, “How long is that marathon you are going to be running?  The official answer is 26.2 miles. I guess I shouldn’t be bothered by the question as it would be like me asking a mechanic how many quarts of oil does a 8 cylinder engine take? or asking a Star Wars Fan Chubacca is a what?

Not everyone is a marathon geek like me, so I guess I have to deal with it, but on October 9th in Chicago I can relish in my geekdom with 40,000 plus others of similar geekatude.


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2 thoughts on “Marathon (I love the sound of it)

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more on the word Marathon… I have had moments where just thinking of the word, or visualizing a race, has brought me to tears ! It is a great accomplishment…


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