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Not Sexy

With every passing year, things tend to go south. This is not a novel idea per se, yet understanding how aging has affected you over the years can make a big difference when it comes to your current training goals. The 2 main areas of concern for me are overall speed and nutrition.

I feel like I am working as hard as ever, yet when I punch in the numbers I just can’t hit the pace miles of yesteryear.

I used to be able to eat everything, but McDonald’s and not gain weight. Now if I even dream about the plate size Reuben sandwich I got after the 2004 Chicago Marathon I gain 3 pounds.

For me to battle the speed issue, I am using a completely new (to me) marathon training program for my 2011 marathons compared to past training plans. The plan emphasizes pace, pace and more pace at endurance distances, so we will see in Fargo how that works out.

On the nutrition side I have stopped drinking my calories. I don’t drink sugared pop, diet pop or beer anymore. I would like to say I don’t pig out anymore, but there have been occasions where I have hit a whole Papa Murphy’s Pizza hard. I have lost 40 pounds in the last 9 months, so the lack of pop has made a big dif.

Aging my not be sexy, however it doesn’t mean the end to a healthy life and life style. With a few modifications to your goals and plan of attack, you can see results and enjoy the ride.


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