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Bye Bye Ideas

Running as I have said before is a great way to think about things and flesh out solutions to life’s little and big problems. It is also time to create ideas for this blog. Sometimes those ideas don’t make it home to the typed into the old laptop. Yesterday was one of those days during my 12 mile run.

I remember thinking this would be great for the blog and that would be awesome as well. The I get home and I ice my knees, carry on conversations with the kids and talk about lunch plans with my wife. When it comes time to get the blog out to the masses, all those ideas have said “Bub bye” like David Spade in an old Saturday Night Live skit.

The one idea I do remember from my run that some may find helpful has to do with bringing back a frozen hand back to life. I was wearing one pair of cotton runner’s gloves on a day where I could have used two pairs. As most runners know, those gloves become cleaning devices for glasses and noses when necessary. My left glove is for the nose and the right for the glasses. Well the left index finger and thumb became really cold and numb. I couldn’t feel them with about 20 minutes left before I would be home and warm, so I tried to cover the hand with my sleeve which helped some, but not enough. I then put my hand down the side of my running pants to where my leg met my hip. (Keep it clean people, don’t go there.) The natural running motion of my leg against my fingers caused enough friction to warm my hand to where I could feel my fingers again. It can be hard to gauge how many layers one needs to stay warm and dry. Sometimes one may come up short. Using survival skills on the run (pun intended) can be the difference between frostbite and quick recovery.


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