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Training Plan Amendments

I as I prepare to run the streets of Fargo and Chicago (in the shadow of the John Hancock Building), which makes me think of what may be the most famous signature in the history of the free world. Hint: Think The Declaration of Independence, which makes me think of The Constitution, which makes me think of Amendments to the Constitution of the United States of America, which makes me think that every great plan needs to be altered once in a while. The same can be said about training plans.

Today was one of the those days. The table was set last night when I ran 6 miles later than I had hoped, finishing about 8:30. Then when I got up this morning I was sore and just didn’t think it was wise to venture out for my planned 10 mile run at 6:00 am without much sleep. I pushed my run to after my son’s basketball game(which I coached) and my daughter’s volleyball tourney(which they won!) and the hour and half drive back home. I end up running 6 miles finishing at 7:45. I cut the run from 10 to 6 due mainly to sore feet and knees from standing most of the day. Plus I don’t think I was as hydrated as I should have been.

To make up for the 4 miles, I will add that figure to my scheduled 8 mile run tomorrow. I can do 12 mile runs on back to back Sundays even though the plan calls for shorter long runs every other week. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and be as flexible as your legs should be.


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