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Boston Marathon Standards Change

I am getting older and I didn’t strike while the iron was hot. I qualified for Boston while I was in my late 30’s. Due to family and economic concerns I didn’t run Boston while I had the chance. Now I am going to run 2 marathons this year with the intent to qualify for Boston again and today the BAA announces the changes to the qualifying standards.

To keep this story on the shorter side. My time for my old bones is now 3:25 or less. My last 2 marathons would have fallen slightly short of that goal. I do feel like I can reach my goal, but one big hurdle then lies right behind the actual qualifying part. The registration times are weighted toward the fastest of the fast. So if 25,000 really fast dudes sign up the first week it won’t matter as the thing may close before I get a chance to register at all.

I understand the point behind the reasoning for the new standards and registering methods and am looking forward to just qualifying again. If I don’t get in became of registering issues, I will just have to get faster. If it weren’t a challenge then everyone would do it. Bring it on!


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