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Hard Work Rewards

Unlike some of life’s endeavours, running’s benefits cannot be attained via luck. Hard work is the only way to achieve one’s goals. Being lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time may get you the right job or the right contacts, but the hard work is what closes the deal. Running is all about hard work. Success comes with a price. Whether it be a race win or a weight loss goal, hard work is the only way to accomplish true results.

As this blog has continued to gain a following, I have noticed that it has become increasingly more difficult to cultivate a larger following. Every growth surge is followed by a lull in growth. To promote the brand, I have taken on more and more media outlets, while doing all of this for free. This blog is about promoting running as a way to have individuals improve their self worth and inturn helping others to do the same. If you like this blog, please say so and tell those who you think would be interested to become a reader as well.

We can become a better planet via healthy choices and mindful consideration of all peoplekind.


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