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Twin Eights

Two 8 mile runs are the feature of the weekend. One down and one for Sunday. The roads were a bit more manageable than last night in the dark. Shedd a little light on the situation both literally and figuratively to brighten your outlook on your training and the results will follow.

This first eight mile run had no pace requirements as Saturday is seen as a day off from going full-out. That being said it was still an exhausting run. I was gassed with one mile left. Instead of just finishing the run, I kicked it up a gear which actually made me feel better. I have employed the same pace increase in marathons when I have hit a bad patch. It really works as the faster pace is refreshing and of course gets one closer to the end of the task at foot.

Super Bowl Sunday has the second 8 miles at 45 seconds to 1 minute slower than marathon pace. I feel ready to kick it up and close out week 4 strong.


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