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Runner’s Potholes

Tonight had 6 miles at marathon pace on the schedule, which for me would be 7 minutes 45 seconds per mile. All I can say is I got the miles in and I ran the whole way, buuuuuutttt 7:45?!?,….. not so much. If the pavement was dry and flat then yes, 7:45, no prob. Take snow and ice and shadows that look like dry spots, but aren’t and you have a mix that results in anything but fast. I had my ankles going every which way but completely dislocated. To say that I made it home totally injury free would put this run in the win category.

Frustrated would be too strong a word for how I feel right now. I just want to have the conditions get to the point where I can see the numbers or not hit the numbers and know that the reason I didn’t hit the numbers was because I didn’t have the gas to get to the finish line in time. Yah nah wah I mean? Those days will be here soon enough and I want to be ready when they arrive.


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