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Comedy and Hard Work

Attempting to be entertaining and inspiring while training for a marathon can be challenging. Often the attempts are met with failure. One can’t be funny all the time and sometimes the best laid plans for success get re-routed.

Today’s schedule called for a 6 mile run to fill in for the 6 mile marathon pace run that was pushed to Friday due to earlier in the week plan modifications due to weather and other postponements. Well, additional late scheduled unrelated commitments made for little time to get that 6 miler in today. Instead I did 30 minutes of shuttle runs on a basketball court and then shoveled more show for another 30 mins. Not exactly what I was looking forward to, but oh well I did meet my time requirements for my workout today. I will take it in a pinch.


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2 thoughts on “Comedy and Hard Work

  1. Thanks for making me laugh and feel less guilty about not sticking to my schedule. Good luck with the training, and keep laughing.
    Happy running,

  2. run440plus on said:

    Thank you RDR! We are all out here to pick each other up in more ways than one. Keep running and keep Daddying. 440

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