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Not Tough

Got out the house and shoveled the sidewalk enough to get to the driveway. The cars were snowed in, so work was out of the question. The city cleaners cut a narrow path through our street, which left a 8′ by 20′ by 2 1/2′ deep pile of snow in front of our snow-covered and drifted driveway. Fun.

I did break through to get out and run for what was to be a speed workout. The shoveled and unshoveled sidewalks, the plowed and unplowed streets made for a makeshift steeplechase course. I will give a shout out to the Cornell College Ground maintenance Dude or Dudette, who had the sidewalks of the campus cleared as well as the wind would allow for my late afternoon run. I decided hill repeats would be my speed workout since the roads were unsafe with what little traffic there was with school closings and delays. Traction was dubious in spots, but I felt like the workout was taxing and enjoyable all the same.

I did a lot of thinking on this run about how easy this run was compared to what struggles some people go through on a daily basis. People who have to deal with prejudice and hate. Whether it be on the playgrounds of the schoolyard or in the workplace or neighborhoods or battle zones around the world, we just should not have to put up with blind ignorant hatred.

Getting out and running has allowed me great peace with myself and my position in the world. I am able to do something I love and take care of myself and my family. I am healthy enough to be there for my family and their future. Any day that could change. Health and welfare can be a fragile and unpredictable thing. I am fortunate enough to have parents who taught me tolerance and caring for all of the earth’s people. I am also fortunate that running has helped me make healthier choices in my life as well. I have heard that running is boring. To that I say running itself can be tedious, however it is what you allow your mind to do while running that makes it exciting.

The one scary moment occurred outside a bar while I walked back home after the workout. I women, who reeked of booze got out of her car to return to the bar she had just left. Mumbling to herself, “I left my glasses in the bar.” She was so drunk she didn’t realize the reason she couldn’t find her glasses was because they were on her face. I wasn’t sure if she would be leaving soon and I had to walk in the street for a ways due to unshoveled sidewalks. I was able to make it home safe and live to shovel and write another day.


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3 thoughts on “Not Tough

  1. Glad you made it home!

  2. Love it! 🙂

    Gotta say, you’re inspiring – I’m going to start that “Couch to 5k” program probably next week because I want to run! Right now I just walk fast and run very sporadically. In any case, I like reading your blog, and I like talking to you about it. 🙂

  3. Thanks Sarah and Jill. It is good to know my friend is inspired and my wife wants to keep me alive. Ha!

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