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New and Old Marathon

Being a creature of habit, I have run 5 Chicago Marathons and no other marathons. It is nice to know where to park for the expo, how long it will take to get to the starting line and how early you need to arrive to get in line for the port-a-johns plus a multitude of other factors involved with a big city marathon. Chicago is also known as a fast flat course, so those of us who want every marathon be a Boston Qualifying Marathon, Chicago is the place to be. There comes a time in one’s life when the familiar becomes somewhat tedious and experiencing different things becomes more of a priority. The Fargo Marathon has gotten great reviews and is somewhat close to my home base, so for the first time in my running life I will run 2 marathons in one year.

As stated in earlier blogs, winter training has many challenges and spring marathons require extensive winter training. Though the easier road would run through the summer to a fall marathon, challenges are made to be conquered. Boston is a spring marathon, so let this be a trial run for the ultimate goal.

Fargo and Chicago this year. Boston and New York next? We will see.


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