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Snow Rush

Pushing through the obstacles the weather brings can be frustrating to the runner. Pushing through the negative thoughts can be difficult, but rewarding. When it is snowing outside, one may start running through the list of excuses that may prevent the weak from taking that first step out the door. Some are legitimate reasons like getting hit by bad drivers on slippery roads. Some are mildly inconvenient like the layers of clothes and the time that it takes to suit up and strip down. Something like getting dressed shouldn’t be seen as a major hurdle.

Focus on the rewarding feeling one gets from the workout. I am in my fifth month of lifting weights and 2nd decade of serious marathon training, each workout may have varying levels of satisfaction, but the common denominator is satisfaction.

The challenge may be different each day, season to season, yet the challenge will be rewarded with the rush only experienced by ample effort.

Push on through.


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One thought on “Snow Rush

  1. Reblogged this on Run440plus's Blog and commented:

    It’s been a couple years for this offering, however when I walked out the door this morning and the cold hit my face, it made me feel like this one was appropriate to re-blog.

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