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Delivering the Mail

The program continues with week 2 going off without a hitch. Tomorrow brings 8 miles and the end a successful training week. Like a postman on his route, the mail must be delivered no matter how cold and miserable it may be.

The biggest difference between this program and my prior marathon training efforts is this program is holding me accountable for a daily routine. It the past I only paid attention to my weekly long runs and fit in other runs of varying distances and paces the other days. This program has a speed day,  a tempo/marathon pace day and a long run day plus 3 other running days every week.  6 days of honest hard work. Put it on the calendar, own it and it will be there for you to live, learn and experience.

2 weeks have flown by, 16 to go, which doesn’t seem like that much more. Keep on plugging.


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