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Runner/Writer’s Block

Today brought the most productive run of the training program to date. 6 miles over the hills of Mt. Vernon, IA. It was dark, 16 degrees and the sidewalks were a bit snow and ice-covered, so caution was the key. I was able to push the pace in spots, which made for an impromptu intermittently intense workout. It was one of those taking lemons and making lemonade type situations. Less than ideal conditions (to be expected for the next 2 months) and making the best of it.

This was one of the nondescript days on the program. 4-6 miles depending on ability and level of experience.  In three weeks Thursdays will be at marathon pace, but for the first two Thursdays no pace requirements are set. The weather called for adjustments, yet the overall feel of the run produced a positive result.

As the title suggests, sometimes the words and the steps don’t always come as easily as one would like. Those who choose to fight through the block are the ones who end up with the greatest accomplishments.


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