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Humble Beginnings

Day 3 of my 18 week training program for the Fargo Marathon is a day off from running. A suitable moment to write about the progress to date.

Day 1 provided options within the plan. I could choose to not run at all or run up to 4 miles. No pace requirements were set. Distance is the only noted feature. Due to other commitments my running was restricted to an indoor track, which I had never experienced before. This track was much harder than I expected. I ran 3 miles and my knees really felt it. Having run 5 miles the day before (last pre-program run), I felt 3 miles would be adequate given the unforgiving surface.

Day 2 is set for speed. The program calls for 3 total miles at intervals of 800 meters at 10k pace with 400 meter jogs in between each interval. I went to my work’s gym and found all 3 treadmills in use. I jumped on a stationary bike to make do until a treadmill became available. 10 minutes n the bike and which point a treadmill was afforded to me. After a 3 minute warm up, I notched up to 7:19 minute pace (marathon pace, however on the treadmill, it felt more like 6:20 pace). After 20 minutes and 2.5 miles the workout is over.

Overall the program has kicked off in a less than spectacular fashion. The running has not met expectations, however I am encouraged by the weight training (all supplemental to the program) and my overall health going into the program.

*Please note the program’s author will be revealed once the Marathon has been completed. This is to insure the program was honored by me with both training diligence and marathon performance. *


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