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Fight! Change! Grow!

When things don’t go your way, what path do you take? Do you give up? Do you find a way that is other than the way you planned to take? Life, training or game play may be less than sunny. Take what you can get and get what you can take.

Simple values, simple goals, seek success.

There are only so many words that will motivate. If you can motivate yourself then you have a chance. If you fail to listen, learn or just don’t have the want to…..then find something else to read. This blog is about finding a way, finding the strength, finding a goal worth pursuing.

Barriers are made to break down. Run where no one dares. Seek what is uncommon. Dare to be a difference maker. If you improve yourself then you can change the world.


Just Do It (Say No to Soda Pop)

Whether it be sugared pop/soda or diet, either will cause problems over the long haul. I have been addicted to sugared pop for most of my adult life. This summer I quit drinking sugared pop. Along with my running program, i lost 29 lbs over 3 months dropping to 206 on a 6’1″ frame. In the last month I have been stuck at the 205-207 range.

My brother visited 2 weeks ago and convinced me to quit diet pop, which I used to replace the sugared (or high fructose corn syrup) variety. He told me about aspartame which is an ingredient in diet pop and sugar substitute.  According to his on-line research, Aspartame confuses the brain, which leads to increased hunger. I will let you do your own research on the specifics. As far as my life since I quit the diet pop; I have felt better overall, both physically and mentally. I have been sleeping better due to the lack of caffiene. The big bonus has been an additional 4 pounds lost. It may not seem like a lot, but quitting diet pop is the only change in my diet since I hit that 206 plateau.

This may not be a controlled scientific study, however if you do your own research, you may just lose weight and feel better overall. I have never heard anyone say quitting drinking pop/soda would be a bad thing, except for maybe stockholders of  Pepsi and Coke.

Dealing with Time Off

One of the more humorous and accurate lines about runners is “Telling a runner not to run is like telling a dog not to bark.” I came across that line online while researching running related injuries. We runners know taking time off from running is like a prison sentence. My brother finally convinced me to take time off due to a calf injury. I don’t like it. I told this to a runner friend, who said to me, “So you will listen to someone.”

As much as we may not want to believe it, time off may just do us good. The overuse injuries may not crop up as much if we give ourselves the chance to heal fully. I doubt that most of us have a fully stocked training facility with a full-time training staff  in our homes to take care of us when things go a rye (bread sandwich).

Though we don’t want to accept it, accepting time off and using it in a positive way is key to one’s mental health. Filling the time with excercise that won’t exacerbate the problem and will help rehab while maintaining or improving overall conditioning is important. Not one wants to have to start over after just a few weeks off from running. Biking and weightlifting can help fill the void.  Swimming or pool running if available in our area  works as well.

Stay active while being wise and that time off will fly by. Next thing you know you are back out there doing what you love. With a little luck, you may be better than ever.

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