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Own It

Running is one thing that you don’t need spectators, bosses or any type of support. Running is about you and self-satisfaction. Everyone has someone who gets on your nerves and running is a great way to release tensions and get away from the stresses of the world.

Your goals are owned by you when running. If you want to lose weight or get faster at any age it solely about you and what you want to accomplish. A job may have limitations, a team sport may have limitations, but running has no limitations as it is only about you and the road. Yeah you may get hurt or may never get as fast as you desire, however none of that matters when it comes to the stress reducing factors that running provides.

Setting goals will get you out the door, but if you just run to run that is good-E-Nuff! Those who don’t enjoy running never really have given running an honest chance.


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2 thoughts on “Own It

  1. Kingdumb on said:

    Who gets on your nerves?

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