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Fall Marathons in the Midwest

The winters are too cold, the summers to hot and humid, the spring is alright, but you might be burning a little winter weight. Fall is just right. Fresh off a hard summer of training and the weather cools off just enough for peak performance in a fall marathon.

Training in the summer will be tougher than the actual race. Big city marathons in the midwest will have more water, energy drinks, electrolyte packs and maybe even fresh fruit on the course then you can carry on a training run. The weather will be more mild, so conditions should be perfect.

Have confidence that even if you had a few bumps in training that once race day arrives you will experience something magical. I felt that way before all my marathons. Game Day Magic is more about a state of mind than the physical preparation. Tell yourself that you have more than prepared for this day. You body is ready, now tell your mind to believe in yourself and you will have that push you need when things get rough around mile 20, 22 or 23. Heck you may even say to yourself,  “Where was the wall? I didn’t hit a wall”  Then you will know there is nothing like running a fall marathon in the midwest.

Enjoy the magic.


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